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Announcing our new and improved WaterWisk!

Until now, there have really been only two choices on the market: the long plastic wand and the half-moon. Both work well enough but we believe we’ve designed one that works even better. We’ve improved our original design by making the 7″ handle out of naturally water-resistant Eastern Red Cedar, which makes it comfortable to hold and slip-resistant. The blade is still made from the toughest polyethylene which will take a lot of abuse, but we’ve softened it so it’s even more effective at removing water from your pet’s coat, even on boney areas such as hips and knees.

Although the WaterWisk was originally designed as a sweat scraper for horses, you’ll find a hundred other uses for it. Use it on your dogs after a bath or swim, your tubs, your wash stalls or wherever you have water you want to “wisk” away


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