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Lillie from Equine Inside Out - competing at a horse show

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Lillie from Equine Inside Out - both Lillie and her horse looking pretty as a picture - horse grooming products NZ

About Equine Inside Out

We are a small family owned business located on the beautiful Kapiti Coast. With years of experience in equine care, we are dedicated to the well-being & health of horses.

We stock a wide range of horse turnout and grooming products. When you buy from us, you know you are buying a quality product that will do the job it says it will do.

Holli's daughter Lillie began riding at age 3, started competing in the show ring at age 5 and hasn’t looked back since. She has competed in Australia multiple times and has won numerous NZ National and horse of the year titles.


Equine Inside Out is proud to sponsor many events throughout the show season and love being able to give back to the equestrian community.

Our mission is to educate and empower horse owners with the knowledge and tools they need to ensure the optimal health and performance of their equine companions.

Horse Grooming Products & Supplements

Get your horse looking and feeling its best 

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